Friday, July 27, 2012

Lifeinmagazines Playlist {no. 3}

So every time I see my Dad, I make him a playlist of all the songs I have been listening to. I usually put it on a CD for him so he can listen to them in the car, and I always have to condense it a lot to fit it on the CD.

This time, I knew I was going to have a large amount of songs so I made an online playlist for him so he could choose what songs could go on the CD- I didn't know how many songs I would want to put on it. 

So, I started adding songs and then I caught myself at 57 songs! I thought since they are my most listened to songs of right now I would also share them with you.

I would recommend putting them on shuffle.

FYI: I really do listen to these songs. My friends and I are those girls in your school who have the Frank Sinatra obsession and we kind of listen to Il Volo all the time even though I only have 1 song from them on there.


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