Sunday, July 8, 2012

Never Leave Me! MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review

I first bought this product about a year ago and I could never live without it. As a 16 year old teenage, acne is enviable but this makes my face look FLAWLESS, but really, it does. It really does stay on forever and you can't even tell it is on. It may look like a small container but I have had one for over a year. Plus it does an amazing job covering up dark under-eye circles.

When I bought mine last summer, I was kind of tan (NW 20 is tan for me) but eventually it didn't match my skin tone anyone and I gave it to my mom because she is way tanner then me and she has also used it almost everyday (so almost everyday of the year it has been used) and it is still alive and kicking! When I bought one that actually matched my skin tone (NC 15) I was a happy camper until I lost it. :( I just re-purchased it on Friday and when I applied it, it honestly looked like I has perfect skin, which right now it is no where near perfect. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!

How I apply it: When I first bought it, they put it on me at the MAC counter and they used a MAC 224 brush (which I already had purchased at this point). They pumped on a plastic surface (I improvise with my hand) and dip the 224 into the concealer. Then dab the brush on the blemish in a circular motion. and then whisk out! It is amazing!


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