Friday, July 6, 2012


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I believe I have mentioned this before, but I hate coffee. I literally cannot drink it. I love the smell (BTW let me know if you know where to get a coffee scented candle) but I cannot stand the taste. I am also not a big tea drinker either, but one thing I do love is cappuccino and lattes. My standing order at Starbucks is a grande vanilla latte with non-fat milk or sometimes in the summer an iced- vanilla latte with non-fat milk! Sometimes I will get passion tea or a frappuchino but I think you get the jest.

I found some great cappuccino mixes at home that taste almost the same (with the foam and all). I am sure I will get pounded for say this but, I honestly cannot tell the difference between a cappuccino and a  latte.

Maxwell House International Cappuccino- Original

This one definitely has the foam factor down pact! I like the taste of the next one a little better because it  is a french vanilla flavor but this one is amazing! I was never a fan of the Maxwell House drinks in the tin like this one (my sister gets a bunch of them) but this is stupefied me!

Hills Bros-Cappuccino French Vanilla

This is the one that gets me through finals (not the decaf version, obvi). I love the vanilla-y taste of this product. This one has less foam but there is still that foam factor to calculate in. This is is for than double the price and, for me, is harder to find but still worth it!

What is your drink at Starbucks? at home?


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  1. I hated coffee until I had a mocha at school one day then I was hooked trying loads of different coffees, I have to say I love caramel lattes, yum! I don't think I could survive without caffeine especially tea

    Have a beautiful day