Friday, August 31, 2012

Pick of the Day

I feel like it has been forever since I have done a "Pick of the Day"- for a while there I did them every day in the summer but, I didn't seem like you guys liked them that much so I stopped the 4 post a day in the summer all together and just went with one (semi) major one. I personally think "Pick of the Day's" are interesting because it shows something that you might not have know before, or might not have been in a "How to wear-" or "Weekend Wear" post. 

Here is my pick of day. 

Can anyone else picture Kate Middleton wearing this dress?

If you want more of my daily picks, go over and check out my Currently Obsessed page! It has all the items I would put on here.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My mom always taught me to dream big. I wasn't one of those kids dreaming that one day they were going to have a Lincoln, I want Aston Martin;I didn't want a house in the suburbs, I wanted a penthouse in NYC; I didn't want to have a boring desk job, I want to have my dream job (which at that time was an A.D.A. in NYC- because I wanted to actually try the cases). Anyway, here are some on the things that one day- yes, I said it one day- I will have! Obviously these are just the objects I want but there are always the stand-bys which we all strive for: amazing friends, supportive family, a great relationship, a good job, etc. 

Wish List: Bags

Frank Clegg "Signature Travel [Leather] Duffle"- This one is at the top of my list, yet I am so far from having the money to buy it. I think this is one of the most perfect bags in the world. It is durable and the perfect size for weekend travel.
Frank Clegg "Tuscany Shoulder Bag"- I think this is a great day and night bag. I love the size, yet it is so cute. The toggle (if that is what it is) adds so much style to such a simple, perfect bag.
Mulberry "Bayswater Tote"- I think this is such a verstile tote, it can hold a laptop (from what I have seen of it ), notebooks, and agenda; it is also a perfect day bag!
Max Mara "Galea" shoulder bag- If you have caught this yet, I love large, day bags. I have been obsessed with MaxMara for as long as I can remember flipping through my Mom's vogues, I loved how minimalistic they are. This one, this the amazing texture, makes it stand out. It reminds me of an updated Louis Vuitton "Speedy" Bag.
Reed Krakoff "Boxer Tote"- This gives such a edgy (but not to much) vibe to a classic tote. Plus, I love anything Rachel Zoe has. But the black on black on black! It kind of also reminds me of an updated Celine Tote.
Proenza Schouler "PS1"- Since the first time I set eyes on this bag and I saw that initial triangle, I feel in love! It is so casual and so gorgeous. Do I really did to explain why I love this?
Anya Hindmarch "Balthasar Nevis Leather Tote"- So I don't necessarily want the "Balthasar" leather tote, but more I just want a Nevis tote. I think that are so classy and a perfect size for a "small" tote!
Mulberry "Harriet Purse"- I love how classy this purse clutch is. The buckle detailing is amazing and I think it is great all year, all season, all the time!
Mulberry "Bayswater Briefcase"- I was debating between the Mulberry one or this Frank Clegg one. I know what you are thinking, "Anna, you are 16. Why do you need a briefcase?" Well, the answer is, that I am a planner. Literally, I try to plan out everything! So, I am already planning what I am going to want for my first job and if all goes right, my first year of college.

Wish List: shoes

Brian Atwood "Maniac" Pumps- I want these in every color possible! So classy, to simple, so modern! I love love love these! You can wear these in (almost) any situation. [Here is a pair on sale!]
YSL "Tribute" Sandal- I have had a picture of these heels on my computer for at least 3 years. I love them! I feel that although they are high, they don't look skanky when worn the right way.

Christian Louboutin "Décolleté" Pump- These are just a durable simple pump that will never go out of style- a good investment.

Manolo Blahnik "BBR"- Yet again, I classic, good investment pump. You can never have to many pairs of basic black and tan pumps.
French Sole "Henrietta" Flats- I have been wanting a pair of these flats for ever. I hear they are amazing!  
Chanel Cap Toe Flats- They are so classic! I love cap-toe flats!
Tory Burch "Eddie" Flats- They are a less-expensive version of the Lanvin flats. Plus, can Tory Burch make anything wrong. 
Stubbs and Wootton Flats- As you know, I did a post last summer about if I should buy these when then were $150 off of $400. I ultimately decided not to buy them and I regret that decision everyday. 
Mulberry "Bow Leather Pumps"- They remind of the Ferragamo pumps (next) but a little more funkier. Plus, I love Mulberry!
Salvatore Ferragamo "Gilia" Pumps- These bow pumps are basically the updated version of the classic pumps (did I really just say that- that is so obvious). I think these would look great with a J Crew City Mini or a Theory Shirtdress!
Marni Mary Jane Gold Sandals- I love Marni just as much and for the same reason as MaxMara. These sandals are amazing!   

Wish List 3

Wish List 3 by annaxoxx featuring a pleated skirt

These are just the things I want right now. They change so often.

Carolina Herrera Dress- I just love Carolina Herrera soo much! She is my 2nd favorite designer to Elie Saab.
Top Shop Skirt- I have this is so many posts, and I have been looking for a skirt like this forever, I just can't shed the money thought.
J Crew City Mini- same as the Topshop skirt
Madewell "Softshade" Dress- Just something I have been wanting!
Burberry Trench Coat- timeless!
Acne Sweater- it looks so comfy!
Wildfox Jumper- I love these so much!
Madewell Skinny Jeans- I just want to try them out!
Victoria Beckham Shift Dress- a classic!
Mod Cloth Chevron Dress- I love chevron!
Alice and Olivia Embellished Dress- I love Alice and Olivia and I love sequins and stripes(on clothes and the blog, haha)!
Madewell Shift Dress- I just love!

What do you dream of?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Wear: Polka Dot Jeans

I have been seeing polka dot jeans pants all over pinterest lately and it really made me want to go get a pair. However, I didn't know how I would have more them. So, I did what every normal person (I use that term loosely) would do and make some outfits and here are what I came up with!

Jeans are by AG Stevie
(in coral)

Polka Dot Jeans 1
*this one is my favorite*

Polka Dot Jeans 3
Sweater I Swimmers


Monday, August 27, 2012

Quirky and Cobalt

Quirky and Cobalt

When I saw this J Crew sweater I nearly passed out! It is a bird in a beret. I added it with a trend that I also exemplified in my last post, cobalt blue. I didn't intend of also using cobalt blue in this post but since the bird was blue I just went for it! I hope you enjoy a quirky sweater is fall and winter season! 

Sweater I Chinos (cobalt no longer available but similar hereI Earrings I Tote I Skimmers

Love Cobalt? Find more below!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Painter's Brain

When I saw this on pinterest I thought it was the coolest thing ever. All you need is a little paint and a little paint brush! This is defnitly something I think you should try (if you like to paint) (if you have lanterns)!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Wear: Aqua Stripes

Weekend Wear: Aqua Strips

I thought that since fall in coming (and school starts on Monday) it is time to get over shorts and start getting into more of jeans- even thought I am WAY more of a leggings girl. So I thought I would give you some ideas of casual, weekend outfits good for fall and here is one of them. 

Sweater I Jeans I Earrings I Bangle I handbag I shoes


P.S. If any of you are (or know someone who is) in Economic or computer science profession can you tweet, email, comment or something to me. I have a few questions!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Peplum for the Day

Peplum for the Day

Peplum is so large right now, but how can you wear it during the day? I thought this might give you a little insight! This actually incorporates 2 trends: peplum and cobalt blue! Let me know if you have tried this trend and if you have pictures, leave the links in the comments!

Peplum top I Jeans I Earrings I Bracelet I Bag (quilted)I Loafers (polka dot)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Luster List: Vintage Ferragamo

I know you guys are going to hate me for this, but I am sooo lusting over these shoes. My mom (and the rest of my family) HATES them. I think they can be so cute and they are so PREPPY I want to die! Check out some of outfits with them!

Looks featuring Vintage Ferragamo:

 {above images were found on Chictopia}

{Photos from Classy Girls Wear Pearls}


Monday, August 20, 2012

Priceless Packaging

I am sad to say that package does really affect what I buy. It will attract my attention and literally be the deciding vote between 2 products! I have been searching pinterest and found some adorable packaging!

Photos {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}


Friday, August 17, 2012

Winning Workout Wear

Workout attire has never been the most attractive thing to wear, until now. I can safely say that I spend 90% of my time in it. When I am sitting on the couch watching TV, is it necessary for me to be in head-to-toe J Crew? No! Plus, workout attire is way more comfortable!, especially for studying! The top 3 workout companies are Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor, and, in my opinion, they have defiantly stepped it up. Although Lululemon is the best place to by workout wear, it is no where near the most affordable. That is where the big 3 thrive. They are neither super cheap nor expensive but their attire is quality!

Below I have made a set for Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor depicting what I think some of their cutest pieces are- or at least the ones that I could find while making the set.

nike workout

Don't you like the patterned leggings and Azarenka tank?

workout 2

Adidas has actually really stepped up their game with the Stella McCartney for Adidas line- that is there the leggings are from!

workout 3

I LOVE the highlighter yellow, mesh tank!

What is your favorite workout brand?