Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anna's Fashion Essentials

Anna's Fashion Essentials

Anna's Fashion Essentials by annaxoxx featuring j. crew pants

I, personally, have a very preppy style. I would say a more ivy prep look but there are always those southern hints that come out! Here are some of my fashion essentials.

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Loafers (with and without tassels): I love loafers! They will always be timeless to me. I got 2 new pairs this summer because they were on super sale at a Bass Outlet! Although I have many before- these are really high quality and cushioned. However, since I lack the patience to break them in, I keep wearing my Sperry ones!

Bass Loafers w/ tassel
Bass Loafers w/o tassel
Sperry Loafers (mine are in brown leather)

Scarves: I wear scarves all the time because they always make a rather basic outfit look that much better!

Basic Tees: Easy just to pull on and can never look wrong with my other basics!
My favorite?
J Crew!

Black Leggings: Although many people say "leggings are not pants"- they really need to get over themselves because they are and they can be some on the most nice looking pants. At times they look better then jeans. All I can say is build a bridge and get over it!

I love:
J Crew

Dark Washed J Brand Jeans: I will admit, I hate jeans, or at least I did until I bought a pair of J Brand 811's! I recently bought them and will not take them off- they are soo comfortable!
Buy here

Madewell Oxfords: they fit me soo perfectly!
Buy here

Ray Ban Wayfarers: are a classic they will never go out of style!
Buy here

Corso Como Riding Boots: I bought these last year I adore them! (Plus they were only like $150)
Buy here


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