Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Decisions {How to make cute [pro-con] lists}

As you guys know, I am starting(started) the whole college admission process. It is super stressful because you know that the decision you make will reflect the rest of your life. But my mom keeps telling (honestly I can't count how many times she has told me this) "If you don't get into the school you want, get all A's your freshman year and then try to transfer", and that helps a little. One super stressful thing that my mom adds on, is that she has also dreamed of one of her children going to Notre Dame. For those who don't know, Notre Dame average ACT/SAT scores are similar to those of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, and I am not going to find that fact that I don't have those scores! All my mom talks about is how we can transfer to Notre Dame or go to graduate school there- and that is plain stress; but I digress. 

The other morning (well around 2 AM), I had another one of my daily panic attacks but this one I acted on- I think that was because there was no one around to distract me. However, this panic attack was different from the others in the sense that it wasn't about my college essays, or what area of the country I want to live in; it was about my major. 

My college major has been one fickle thing over the years. I mean for as long as I can remember I also planned on going to law school (which my dad wants me to do), but ever since I was in 5th grade, my mom wanted be to go into computer science, and I thought I officially decided I wanted to major in econ. I didn't officially decide that obviously! Ever since I have been obsessing over Marissa Mayer- she has inspired me to reconsider computer science! Econ is something that I will always love and will always be in the running and Law will be my back-up. It sounds so weird saying the Law is a back-up career. 

Anyway, what I did the other day is google one of the colleges I was considering and a major 
[Thanks to my best friend for letting use 2 colleges she is applying to for examples! I am not going to say what colleges I am applying to because I don't want to jinx it. The same thing happened with that job] 
University of North Carolina economics

and the page of that schools major would come up.

Then you obviously want to choose the undergrad programs and usually there is a tab or something that will tell you why you should choose them apposed to others.
For UNC 
You then had to choose "Majoring in Economics"
read the info and choose the paragraph to explains what is special about their program

The Economics major at Carolina is one of the largest majors within the College of Arts and Sciences. Its Bachelor of Arts degree program is centered within the College's philosophy of liberal arts to develop each student's critical thinking skills and, as one of the social sciences, to enable them to gain a broader understanding of human behavior on individual and group levels.

This tells you that since it is one of the largest majors, there are going to multiple people to tutor and help you; there is also a chance that they will have amazing professors. This is also telling you what key things they are going to help you with, opposed to other schools, so it depends what you want to do with that degree on what skills you need. 

This wasn't the best example, sorry!

Anyway, after that I went on to FotoFlexer, because I just can't stand/ figure out pilxr, and uploaded a basic background pattern I liked, and put Economics on the top! Then I put UNC: {insert the paragraph you chose here}

Then I would repeat with other schools- I think for Econ I had 3 different sheets!

Then I chose a different pattern and put Computer Science at the top and then went back to SAME websites in the SAME order and listed those!




*if you are unable to click to enlarge the pictures and want to read the text on the lists above, I can email them to you or send you the Photo Bucket link- just somehow let me know*

Now I am not going to make a actual pro-con list for colleges- at least for right now- but you can you use the same basic principles for a pro- con list!

You got it! right?

Let me know if you want more example or have any questions!


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  1. I know how you feel, I had to choose that for this year. Since I was eight years old I've always wanted to do something related to computers but the truth is that I'm awful at maths and all that science stuff, but I like programming and computers! Two years ago I still didn't know what to do, I started looking every major and I realised that it would probably be better if I did something in the fashion industry, since I love clothes! but there aren't many options in the city where I live so I decided to choose between journalism and English studies and then do a minor in fashion communication in another city. Finally I will do English Studies xD
    I would suggest looking at every subject you will have and seeing if you like them or not.
    For choosing colleges, well, I have only one college in my city so it was easy. But I think you should ask someone you know if they went to any of those colleges or just go there to get more information :)