Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How They Handle {2}

What is your name, blog, age, and grade you will be entering into?
My name is Meghan and I blog at Scarves and Rockets, http://scarvesandrockets.blogspot.com/. I am sixteen years old and am going into my Junior year of highschool.

What classes (or types of classes) are you taking this (incoming) year?
I am taking a lot of really challenging classes this coming year. I am taking 4 AP level classes. So I definitely am going to be in for a lot of work! I also am taking Journalism for the first time which I am very excited for!

What is your school environment like? (public or private, catered to specific interests)
I go to pretty much your stereotypical high school. We are big on sports and have lots of spirit! It is also really big and has a lot of students. I really like that it incorporates things for everyone around the campus. Last year in my AP Art class we made a mural that represented all the different sports, clubs, and subjects. Another thing I like about it is that it an outdoor campus so we can enjoy our great California weather!

Do you have any particular interest besides fashion/blogging?
I love art. I have always been very creative and loved drawing and painting. I also enjoy writing and reading, I have this weird love for words! Other things I enjoy doing are cooking and making jewelry.

What extra-curriculars do you participate in?
I do both cheerleading and track and field at my school. I started cheering competitively at the beginning of middle school, seventh grade, and having be doing cheer through school since Freshman year. I started track also in middle school on a whim. I am not really a big fan of running so somehow I found my way to shot-put. People are always so surprised when I say I am a thrower! I started throwing discus also in high school and I think it is really fun and addicting.  

What is your favorite thing about school? blogging?
My favorite thing about school is getting to be around people and see my friends. I also actually enjoy the learning part of it! I have always been really good at balancing my school work and getting things done which I suppose makes it a bit more enjoyable.
I love blogging because like I said earlier, I love to write. I am able to combine multiple things I love into one. I also really like to help people and interact with others so I like the sociability that I have with blogging. 

Do you know what you what profession you want to work in when you grow up? what city? Are you doing anything special to achieve that dream/ goal?
I am not quite sure yet what I want to do, I love the business end of things but also I love art and design. I have a pretty broad spectrum of interests so I find it hard to settle on one thing just yet. I would ideally like to stay in California, which also provides many different opportunities for things I could do.

Do you know what college you want to go to?
I honestly have no idea of what college I want to go to! My grandma is a college advisor, so she helps kids with their essays, applications and picking out their school so I'll probably really start looking into schools this year with her guidance. I know about a few colleges more than others but I don't really have opinions on them yet. I also would like to stay in California again, but if their is something out of state I really like I am open to it.

Do you have an study tips/ how do you stay organized?
I am really self driven which aids my studying habits however I am not prone to procrastination. I like to space out my time accordingly and know what I have to get done. I like writing everything out, it makes things so much clearer for me. I am always looking ahead so I can see if their are any things that might take away school work time. Like if I have to go to a sports practice and I have a lot of homework due the next day I'll try to get ahead a few days before. That way I can reduce stress and enjoy a little bit more free time. I also keep everything, and I mean everything. I have school work going all the way back to elementary school! I am always afraid I might need something, so I never throw anything away that might be useful.

Are you taking/ have taken the ACT/SAT? How did you study and handle the stress of it?
I have taken the pretests like the PSAT, but never the actual tests. We started doing a little bit a SAT prep course last year in my English class so that gave me a clearer view of what it will be like. My teacher recommended to prepare with a study book and familiarize with the format of the test. Hopefully I won't find it to be too stressful!

What are you favorite things to read? magazines? books?
I am really into the dystopian genre of books. My favorite being The Hunger Games. Other ones I love are Divergent and Unwind. I also love cheesy, girly, romance books because they are fun and easy reads. I pretty much enjoy reading any sort of fashion/beauty magazine, the only ones I have subscriptions to are Seventeen and Teen Vogue. 

How do you handle school. blogging, and extra's?
I try to really keep a good balance between everything that I do. Like I was kind of saying earlier, I always try to be ahead of the game and prepared. Some times I can get really stressed out but I have to keep reminding myself in all the time I just sit there worrying about things I could be getting it all done. I am really obsessed with maximizing my time so realizing I am wasting my time kind of almost motivates me. 

Do you listen to any particular music when you are studying/ blogging?
I don't really have a very particular music taste. It is kind of more all over the place. I mainly just listen to my most recent music, which is normally the popular stuff at the time, like the songs at the top of the charts on iTunes. Although I am not very good at it I really like singing too while I am doing homework! I know a lot of people like to have peace and quiet while they are working but I either need music playing or to be watching TV. Some of my guilty pleasures are show tunes and like cheesy songs from when I was younger. It can make doing my work more enjoyable and fun. 

What are you favorite Apps?
I not much of gamer, and am I very good at them to begin with, so I don't play anything like Angry Birds or Temple Run very often. I love Instagram and Twitter plus other social networking apps. I also love Pinterest and Snapchat, it is a fun way to send pictures to your friends more easily than through a message. I also really like productivity apps for some reason, like ones you can take notes in or make calendars. Lately I have been loving this app called Waze. I use the Map app that comes with the iPhone pretty often but it is hard if you are driving and need to read the direcitons. Waze is like a GPS and tells you when to turn and stuff out loud so it is really handy and a lot safer! It also alerts you when there is traffic or an accident so it is really helpful!

Do you have a mentor, someone who look up to for inspiration, or someone whose quotes you read a lot?
I don't really have anyone in particular. I do get very inspired by women of the '50s like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Liz Taylor especially for my artwork. I also admire Jennifer Lawrence because of her passion and success but she also is very genuine.

Do you have a favorite quote?
I live by the quote "Everything happens for a reason". It is a constant reminder to just go with the flow and helps me deal with obstacles in my life. 

What are you must haves for school, blogging, and everyday life?
My iPhone, for sure! It actually helps me in all of those areas. It has been a lifesaver being able to check my grades and assignments online last minute at school. It is definitely a necessity for blogging because I can take pictures with it and have all my social media platforms in one place and accessible 24/7. It is also good to pass the time with apps and communicate with my friends. I can't even imagine how I survived before my iPhone!


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