Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Wear: Oxfords [shoes]

How To Wear: Oxfords

Oxfords can be made in so many different ways, I  feel like some people aren't really sure if there is a specific way to wear them- The answer to that is NO!, you can wear them however you want.

Outfit 1: With more printed shoes, go for a basic, black leggings and a white Henley.
Outfit 2: This is mixed between preppy and casual. The preppy striped sweater( J Crew) makes the loose, boyfriend jeans look more put together. Since the shoes are sparkly- you don't want to overpower yourself with a mix of patterns- stripes and glitter don't do that!
Outfit 3: This is perfect for fall! The oversized sweater is so on trend and if you put it over (not tucked in) and full skirt, it will make you look more put-together. These oxfords are perfect because they are classic with a twist- just like the outfit!
Outfit 4: With the rich, chestnut color it makes them perfect for fall. Add a fall sweater and skinny jeans and you are good to go!


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