Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lifeinmagazines Wallaper {3}

I have been googling (which is ever so ironic) Marissa Mayer for the past few weeks because, if you follow me on twitter (hint hint) then you know I have been writing my college application essays, and I wrote one about her. 
 {Let me know if you want a post about college app essays, how I wrote mine, how I choose my topic, organized my thoughts, etc} 
I believe I have read/ listen/ watched she has ever had in her entire life! Anyway, this quote from the blonde, gorgeous, and successful business women really stood out for me, and is even included in my essay (for now- who knows how my mom will edit).

I hope you find in as inspiring as me!

By the way: I spent hours contemplating why I found sailboats inspiring (remember this post) and I finally figured it out! Let me know if you are also interested it that!

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  1. I love the quote! I will add it to my quote list :) I will probably search her on Internet to find more haha

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