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My mom always taught me to dream big. I wasn't one of those kids dreaming that one day they were going to have a Lincoln, I want Aston Martin;I didn't want a house in the suburbs, I wanted a penthouse in NYC; I didn't want to have a boring desk job, I want to have my dream job (which at that time was an A.D.A. in NYC- because I wanted to actually try the cases). Anyway, here are some on the things that one day- yes, I said it one day- I will have! Obviously these are just the objects I want but there are always the stand-bys which we all strive for: amazing friends, supportive family, a great relationship, a good job, etc. 

Wish List: Bags

Frank Clegg "Signature Travel [Leather] Duffle"- This one is at the top of my list, yet I am so far from having the money to buy it. I think this is one of the most perfect bags in the world. It is durable and the perfect size for weekend travel.
Frank Clegg "Tuscany Shoulder Bag"- I think this is a great day and night bag. I love the size, yet it is so cute. The toggle (if that is what it is) adds so much style to such a simple, perfect bag.
Mulberry "Bayswater Tote"- I think this is such a verstile tote, it can hold a laptop (from what I have seen of it ), notebooks, and agenda; it is also a perfect day bag!
Max Mara "Galea" shoulder bag- If you have caught this yet, I love large, day bags. I have been obsessed with MaxMara for as long as I can remember flipping through my Mom's vogues, I loved how minimalistic they are. This one, this the amazing texture, makes it stand out. It reminds me of an updated Louis Vuitton "Speedy" Bag.
Reed Krakoff "Boxer Tote"- This gives such a edgy (but not to much) vibe to a classic tote. Plus, I love anything Rachel Zoe has. But the black on black on black! It kind of also reminds me of an updated Celine Tote.
Proenza Schouler "PS1"- Since the first time I set eyes on this bag and I saw that initial triangle, I feel in love! It is so casual and so gorgeous. Do I really did to explain why I love this?
Anya Hindmarch "Balthasar Nevis Leather Tote"- So I don't necessarily want the "Balthasar" leather tote, but more I just want a Nevis tote. I think that are so classy and a perfect size for a "small" tote!
Mulberry "Harriet Purse"- I love how classy this purse clutch is. The buckle detailing is amazing and I think it is great all year, all season, all the time!
Mulberry "Bayswater Briefcase"- I was debating between the Mulberry one or this Frank Clegg one. I know what you are thinking, "Anna, you are 16. Why do you need a briefcase?" Well, the answer is, that I am a planner. Literally, I try to plan out everything! So, I am already planning what I am going to want for my first job and if all goes right, my first year of college.

Wish List: shoes

Brian Atwood "Maniac" Pumps- I want these in every color possible! So classy, to simple, so modern! I love love love these! You can wear these in (almost) any situation. [Here is a pair on sale!]
YSL "Tribute" Sandal- I have had a picture of these heels on my computer for at least 3 years. I love them! I feel that although they are high, they don't look skanky when worn the right way.

Christian Louboutin "Décolleté" Pump- These are just a durable simple pump that will never go out of style- a good investment.

Manolo Blahnik "BBR"- Yet again, I classic, good investment pump. You can never have to many pairs of basic black and tan pumps.
French Sole "Henrietta" Flats- I have been wanting a pair of these flats for ever. I hear they are amazing!  
Chanel Cap Toe Flats- They are so classic! I love cap-toe flats!
Tory Burch "Eddie" Flats- They are a less-expensive version of the Lanvin flats. Plus, can Tory Burch make anything wrong. 
Stubbs and Wootton Flats- As you know, I did a post last summer about if I should buy these when then were $150 off of $400. I ultimately decided not to buy them and I regret that decision everyday. 
Mulberry "Bow Leather Pumps"- They remind of the Ferragamo pumps (next) but a little more funkier. Plus, I love Mulberry!
Salvatore Ferragamo "Gilia" Pumps- These bow pumps are basically the updated version of the classic pumps (did I really just say that- that is so obvious). I think these would look great with a J Crew City Mini or a Theory Shirtdress!
Marni Mary Jane Gold Sandals- I love Marni just as much and for the same reason as MaxMara. These sandals are amazing!   

Wish List 3

Wish List 3 by annaxoxx featuring a pleated skirt

These are just the things I want right now. They change so often.

Carolina Herrera Dress- I just love Carolina Herrera soo much! She is my 2nd favorite designer to Elie Saab.
Top Shop Skirt- I have this is so many posts, and I have been looking for a skirt like this forever, I just can't shed the money thought.
J Crew City Mini- same as the Topshop skirt
Madewell "Softshade" Dress- Just something I have been wanting!
Burberry Trench Coat- timeless!
Acne Sweater- it looks so comfy!
Wildfox Jumper- I love these so much!
Madewell Skinny Jeans- I just want to try them out!
Victoria Beckham Shift Dress- a classic!
Mod Cloth Chevron Dress- I love chevron!
Alice and Olivia Embellished Dress- I love Alice and Olivia and I love sequins and stripes(on clothes and the blog, haha)!
Madewell Shift Dress- I just love!

What do you dream of?


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