Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How They Handle {4}

Hey guys! I’m Hollis from the Glitter Gallery ( ) I’m 13 (I know shocker) and I’m going into eighth grade.

I’m in an advanced program so I’m taking pretty standard classes but at higher levels.  An example: I’m taking Biology and Human Geography so pretty much those are just fancy words for science and social studies ha-ha. I’m also taking Journalism II which I’m really excited for since I loved Journalism I.

This is related to fashion blogging but I really have taken an interest in designing and sketching lately. I’ve even sketched out a wedding dress- Odd I know but I watch plenty say yes to the dress ha-ha.

I’ve always been really athletic, I swam for five years, so this year I’m playing Volleyball which I’m really excited for because I haven’t played a team sport in a while. I also really love to act (how many times am I going to say really..). I’m in a Shakespeare performing group and it will be my third year- I find it fun to play characters from hundreds of years ago too bad I don’t like history.
My favorite thing about school would be the whole social aspect of it which is pretty typical. I love the random laughs in class and being crazy in the halls but I have some really awesome teachers that everyone loves to talk to. I making myself seem really boring here- I like to act out old people and talk to them…wow.

 My favorite thing about blogging is the freedom you get to write about whatever you want and express yourself. It’s also really great to meet other bloggers in the process and make new friends.

I’m not exactly sure what profession exactly but I know I want to work in the whole creative scene whether that means designing, acting, etc. I’m deathly afraid of working in a cubical. As far as living goes either New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. I’m a city girl- I have to live somewhere major. To achieve my goals as a designer I think blogging is a great start as for acting, my Shakespeare group.

I have no idea what college I want to go to but I’m not worried- I’ve got time to figure it out.

I’m kind of all over the place. Either I’m totally OCD organized or I’m a hot mess. My number one study tip is don’t procrastinate. I study hard and efficiently when it comes to homework and test but for projects I’m what I would call an educated slacker. But when I am organized it’s always because everything has a pouch and a place.

 I’ve never taken ACT’s (thank god).

I love magazines sooo much. All the color and pictures are just spectacular to me but I’m also a fan of reading a good book. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games and Maximum Ride series.

This will be my first official year as a student and a blogger so I’m looking forward to see how I juggle it all. It will definitely be a learning experience.

I love listening to music while I study so pretty much anything catchy.*Cough cough* Call Me Maybe.

I’m obsessed with Instagram and the ABC family app. It allows me to watch Jane by Design and Pretty Little Liars the morning after a new episode comes on which will be so awesome when school starts so I can eat breakfast and watch T.V on my phone.

I really look up to Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller. I think it’s cool how she built her super successful blog off of her quirkiness and had the confidence to share it with the world instead of change herself for other people. She’s definitely brought out the man repeller in many people, which I love.

My favorite quote is “Stay hungry, stay foolish” from Steve Job’s. His whole life story is very inspirational to me personally.

I always have to have extra paper for school, we take a crap ton of notes. For blogging it would be a camera and a sprinkle of inspiration (cheesy?). And lastly a tinted lip balm, I love the Burt’s Bee’s lip shimmer’s they are super moisturizing and have great color pay off. 
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