Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Miss Classy Pants

Classy Pants

J. Crew I Gap  I Ann Taylor

Everyone loves leggings, even if they are those ANNOYING people who keep saying that leggings are not pants [ Note for me to those people: Join the modern times and get over it. They are pants now so GET OVER IT!] they love them too. However, some times people like thing that are a little classier, right? The three pants above are a skinny, black pants (they do come in other colors) that are, essentially, classier versions of leggings that you are wear anytime.

Here are some examples of occasions:
[Note: I used the J.Crew pants for all of these because they were the easiest to work with but all the pants would look the same as the ones above.]

classy pants_1

Sweater (similar) I Shoes  I  Bag 

classy pants_2

Blouse (from the same store but less expensive hereI  Bag  I  Boots

classy pants_3

Top (ON SALE!) I Blazer   Bag   Shoes


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