Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween {and a quick note}

What are you guys being for Halloween?


be safe...


P.S. {a quick note}: I switched my twitter name and didn't update my links. It is totally inappropriate for me to wait this long to tell/ update you on this I am deeply apologize!

This "new" twitter is also my personal twitter, so it is protected. I will accept you thought, don't worry. I don't always go on twitter on my computer so it might take me a day or two but I will friend you. It is protected just so some people from school don't follow me, etc. 
Also, this means that you might see personal conversations with my friend(s?) and me. I don't care you you know what we are talking about, you could probably ask me any day on Tumblr about what my friends and I talked about that day and I would have no problem asking. But, don't judge what you don't understand [aka we talk about some weird stuff]. 
The link on the side is updated but here is the link:

If you followed me already, YOU ARE STILL FOLLOWED!

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