Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter College Tour Outfit

College Tour Outfit_Winter

So, my last College Tour Outfit post was focused more on summer outfits, this one is a fall/ winter one. I went to a college tour on October 6th (I think?) in Chicago and IT WAS FREEZING, I wore something similar to the outfit above. I think I am going on a tour this Friday (if my mom can get out of a commitment), and I have one planned on December 1st. I will try to wear something different, but in reality, I will wear something similar to the one above because this is the kind of outfits I wear everyday.

Jacket (mine was similar for Banana Republic) I Leggings (I wore some from Aerie that are lined inside/ you could also wear Classy Pants) I Boots (I wore these Corso Como Boots Scarf (A MUST!) Bag (the one I useBracelet 


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