Thursday, November 22, 2012

{anytime} Gift Guide

As Christmas is approaching, and my last semester of high school is too, I am been overloaded. Once I came back from retreat (I'll tell you a little more about later) I have 4 page papers to write, multiple tests, make up homework assignments, teaching myself trig- NOT FUN! Hence, the overload of posts that I published the other day. I'm hoping things will slow down so I can watch Buffy (BEST SHOW EVER and if you have Amazon Prime- which you should- you can watch all the seasons for free) and read the comics, and of course, put out blog posts that I don't just use quick publish more. 

I will try to do Gift Guides again but, incase you are going to want to by a present anytime of the year, don't want to wait for the gift guides to be published, or want a quick and easy link, check out my new pinterest board, "Tis always the season to be giving"

This board has multiple items at multiple price ranges that I would think would be good gifts. There are a few for men, but not a lot, so I will try to add more! I sent this Pinterest page to my mom- hoping she will look at my Christmas lists that I am also posting on there- and I know she is seriously considering buying this bowl for a family friend who loves being a hostess.

I LOVE getting these for my friends every year! 


Now, about retreat

I know some of you are religious and some are not and I really try not talking about religion on here, even though it is a big part of me. I recently went on a retreat called Kairos which means God's Time in greek. I am not going to tell you what happened exactly, but if you have a option to go on it, YOU NEED TOO! There is not explaining what happened on retreat but it was truly amazing! If you are an adult, I know they have an adult version and I believe it is called Chrisitne, but I am not positive.

Plus, you get a really pretty Jerusalem Cross at the end.

Live the Forth!

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