Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prepster Gift Idea

We all know that prepsters love things monogrammed and have a lot of monogrammed items (cough guilty). 
I love Etsy and on it all the time. When I found this company I thought it was amazing. I check the stores and items I that I favorite about once a month of updates and when I checked out Lulu & B I just got giddy!

FYI: Lulu and B is not longer on an Etsy  domain name but you can just go on http://luluandb.retailrapp.com/ which makes it that much easier!

PLUS: From now to December 1st if you use the code BYEETSY you get 10% off your order!

Here are some items I recommend for a prepster:

I usually always get my friends ornaments for Christmas, I just stop my Nordstrom's home department and pick of some cute (and surprisingly inexpensive) ones. But, I am seriously these this year! 

This might be because I am obsessed with water bottles but I would LOVE this!

I think key chains are a great gift for friends and sisters, especially if you don't know what to get them. You can put key chains on so many different things, not just keys, and they are not that pricey. 

This gift would either me a hit or a miss. I would of hated this gift if I received it a few years ago but I purchased myself one this summer and honestly, I couldn't live without one. I already know my mom bought me a Johnathan Adler one for Christmas. 

This is actually what I am searching for when I found Lulu & B. No one (I am pretty sure) wants to spent their own money to buy one of these but we all want one. They are so adorable and we all know people steal our phone charges (at least people at my school do- and in my house)- also amazing for iPads because we used iPads at my school so there are chargers everywhere!
Plus there are more options here:

Check our Lulu & B would other amazing products, these are just my top picks for Christmas. There are also amazing choices for babies and bachelorettes. 




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