Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everyone, every year has new years resolutions. I never, really made any; I said I one or two but by March I couldn't tell you want I decided on. This year, I have some set ones. My mom always told me you have a personal, professional, and other resolution, so here are mine:

Personal I Get to college: Yes, I have gotten into a college, well 3, but I would only enjoy one of them. Although I am still waiting for hear back from 4 (2 which I would consider going), my ultimate goal is to actually get there. Yes, no matter what, I will get to college, but it is a huge landmark and a beginning to a new, exciting time!

Professional I Make some connections: I was considering just putting "graduate high school" in this part, but that is kind of the same thing as "get to college" and, in my house, non-optional (although my mom did approve of my idea of dropping out of school and becoming a white girl rapper last year). However, to get anywhere in today's society, you need connections and it's about time I start actually make some on my own and not through my mom.

Other I reduce the number of panic attacks I have: Although none of you know me personally, you might pick this up on my twitter, I have panic attacks all the time, some of my friends don't even know this though, weird? I have plenty of psychological issues that need to be worked out, pronto, but this one is important. I can't tell you the number of times in the past week that I have found myself sobbing and panicking because too many things were "changing"- nothing really changed though. I am a mess ball of a person!

Well, that just got super personal, for me at least, but tell you want your new year resolution(s) are!?


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