Sunday, January 6, 2013

My {favorite} iPhone Apps

-just because I LOVE my lock screen!-

Overview of my apps:

Now for the favorites:


Flipboard is amazing! I think everyone has it on their phones/ tablets now.
My favorites are CNET and Business Insider which are my favorite websites that I check everyday. Honestly they are my favorite websites, more than Lovely Pepa or Classy Girls Wear Pearls!



Summly is a recent addiction. It is similar to Flipboard but different. Watch the video below to find out more (did I mention that the creator is 17- the same age as me!- we should be best friends!)

And it is being considered for Yahoo! to buy 

WTA/ATP Live Scores

If you follow me on Tumblr then you you have seen some screen shot from this app. It is very basic and if I worked EDH Tennis Limited, which is the creator of this app, I would change so many things and make it more innovative and exclusive, but I am not nor do I think they want my help. But, if you didn't know tennis is my favorite sport, and Federer and Sharapvoa are my favorite players, and this is what I use to check the scores since I don't want to pay for a membership for


What are your favorite apps?

In the new few days my iPad apps and Nexus 7 apps will be up but bare with me- it's finals weeks!


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