Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Need Motivation?

I am a person who has big dreams but sometimes lack motivation and I feel like that can be many people, but I know it is not just me. 

First and for most, Bloomberg and Bloomberg Television has literally changed my life. There are many reasons that this is, and his was part of one of my college essays (one of the ones that got me into college!) but one thing that defiantly changed my life is watching Bloomberg Game Changers and Bloomberg Risk Takers. I have found so many inspiring people from watching these but the one that stands out the most is Elon Musk. Elon Musk is an amazing man, I wrote 3 college essays on him and can talk about how much I admire him for hours, he is even one of 3 people who I have a Google Alert for ( the others are Marissa Mayer and Roger Federer). Watching Elon Musk just makes you want to work!

You can watching all of the Game Changers and Risk Takers on Netflix or free on Bloombergtv.com

Another major inspiration for me, and it may sound weird, is Roger Federer. Besides that fact that I am tennis obsessed and Federer is my favorite player, he is amazing! If you google Roger Federer quotes, you may be inspired.

I made 2 quick desktop backgrounds for you on Photoshop (which I just got the free trial and playing around with).


There are SO MANY different things that can inspire you and it is all very personal. Find what inspires YOU, try everything. What inspires me might not inspire you. Find a goal- strive for it- make it your all, PUT IT EVERYWHERE. Use Fotoflexer.com to make it your background, make it a constant reminder.
*I put this in a bookmark type form for you guys with an Elon Musk quote*

Don't have a goal, go on pinterest to find something else that can inspire. Pinterest fitness page sure does make me want to work out! It is all personal- watching The Art of Getting By inspires me to work- that's very weird!

Okay, I am watching Elon Musk Risk Takers while writing this, let me tell you, I AM INSPIRED!!!

If you want more ideas, ask me on Tumblr, I will respond.


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