Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I got an email a week or so ago about the really cool website called Cityblis, which hosts boutiques for new designers. I love one of a kind things and especially when I people ask me "Where did you get that?" so I hopped on the website immediately and fell in love with many things. But lets me real for a minute, 90% of the time I wear leggings and exercise wear (that doesn't look like exercise wear) because it is just more practical. Now, as I freak out that I don't have enough clothes for college (which is kind of true #uniformprobs) I have been looking for more stuff. 

I found Nina.B.Roze of Cityblis and I had to be picked up of the floor. I LOVED THE ITEMS SO MUCH! They are so unique and the sports bar and leggings are definitely on a list of stuff I would love my mom to get me because it is a little out of my sub-minimum wage paycheck. But definitely check out the site and here are some of their items below!


This is amazing!

#swoon... i'm just going to imagine me in Purdue's gym next year in these

Inspired by Victorian era, in colla-boration with yoga and movement. Made out of dryflex wicking fabrics, we create elegant yet functional activewear. Wear it to yoga, a brunch with the girls, or as layering items when you go out.

You can just let me die in wonder and awe now!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer 2013 Playlist

Okay, so its June 10th, late in the night, but still June 10th, and guess what? I move into college in exactly 2 months. Want to know another secret? I am freaking the freak out! I am not ready to leave my cozy life with my mom (who I never leave)! 

Anyway, here is my summer playlist (that I started listening to before it was summer, shh...) 

So, I am going to back to working 8 hours, 5 days a week, and freaking out about going to college!

Until next time, beautiful!