Sunday, August 11, 2013

the beginning

so yeah, today was my first day of college. 

Today was move in day and let me just say- it was a long day. My move in time was 9AM but I didn't really get up into my room until around 10- and let me just say, this dorm is the farthest on campus, but I love it. 

Prior to arriving, I took the tours online and what not and I was freaking out because I am a classic over-packer. When I got into the room, it looked just as I pictured it and as it was picture, everything accept the closet- which is walk in and amazing! 

I absolutely love the way my room came together! Literally, I couldn't ask for anything better! My closet is a little messy (as always) but I really really love it!

Well, she isn't the greatest but she isn't the worst. She's a little weird and kind of creepy but I really need to count my blessings and remember, it could always be worse. 

Knowing no one here is a struggle in and of itself. But, I met a really nice girl on my floor who went to the same kind of high school as me, played the same field hockey position as me, and so much more. We went to the kick off party together and made some other friends- a few in my dorm- and it was a pretty good time besides the fact the NO ONE has the same interests as me. I am a super weird person in the first place, I guess. 


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