Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organize This: Computer

My background- this changes often because photoshop is my de-stressor but this is my current one. It is a quote from Horace which translates to "One must avoid the wicked temptress, laziness." 
I need to keep my background as clean as possible because when things are scattered I begin to get panicking it will bother me so I don't have anything on my desktop. 

All of my documents are in folders and I really dislike straggling documents not it folders. 

Here is inside my CNIT 180 Folder

All of my documents have a similar name to further organization: 
[course name]_[chapter or unit]_[type of file]

inside my english folder

same naming system

Inside my TECH 120 folder, inside "Week 3 work" I have files and then a PDF folder with them in PDF form because thats the way we have to submit them

Pictures are also organized!