Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal Mission Statement

So last Friday in my learning community class, Women in Technology, the dean of the College of Technology came in and talked (gave tips and partially scolded us) about time management and being successful. Some of the facts were astounding! Like 1) 20% of successful people write out their goals  and 2) 3% of those people frequently re-write and reevaluate their goals. Now he said this more eloquently with much more information to back it up and if I had notes in front of me I would give you more information but I had to turn those in...  However, that it how you get in the top 3% of your field, among many other things- like skills. 

One thing he was very adamant about, and made us write in class, was having a personal mission statement. It has to be 1) part academic 2) work related 3) part personal. He basically gave us our beginning part "I will graduate in 4 years with a degree in [major] from the College of Technology of Purdue University, etc.

He also told us the importance of sharing our mission statement because if we vocalize it we are more likely to stick to it because they might remember it and ask you about it. They also told us to tell our parents because they will definitely ask you about it, especially my mom would remembers some goals I had in like 5th grade. So I thought I would share my mission statement with you all. 

Share your mission statements down below!!!!


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